About us

This is an e-commerce company made by three entrepreneurs in London-England.Our small business is basically a clothing brand start up with original designs and a new approach to the clothing world.
At the beginning we started with just an idea although with the time our brand is becoming more serious and professional being our project in long term.
The ERGOGREEN name is coming by a family history of three brothers who love each other and we used to call ergos. This word 'ERGO' belongs to the latin language meaning "therefore"  creating thus "therefore green" and green is coming by our principles, not using animals to produce clothing or any kind of product referred to fashion.
This brand is the meaning of family, hard work, creativity and respect to every life in the world. If you feel identified with us please join us on our newsletter and represent our principles wearing any of our products.
We have many ideas in mind, help us to develop them and be participant of our growing.
Kind regards

 Ergogreen Company.

ERGOGREEN company 2018.